Dr. Pietro Brnwa is on the run from the Mob he used to kill for. With a new name and a new job that’s tolerable only because it keeps him alive, he’s looking for a way to hurt the Mob so badly that it will leave them alone forever.

Dr. Violet Hurst is a sexy and self-destructive paleontologist in the employ of a reclusive billionaire whose obsession with an urban legend living in the woods of Minnesota can’t possibly be justified. Or can it?

The offer of a job protecting Violet while she finds out could be just the opportunity Pietro’s been looking for. Alternatively, of course, it could be a hellish morass of murder, corruption, insanity, and international drug smuggling, not to mention the occasional lake monster. But what are the odds of that?

With Pietro Brnwa involved, the odds are guaranteed.

Things are about to get wild.

As funny, fast, and furious* as Beat The Reaper, Josh Bazell’s new novel confirms his reputation as one of crime fiction’s most inventive and unforgettable voices in decades.

*And footnoted!


“Bazell’s debut, Beat the Reaper, sold a bundle and got lots of critical attention… so one can rightly have great expectations for this follow-up… Crisp, snarky-cool writing… and the author’s medical training shines through.”

“Carl Hiaasen fans will relish Bazell’s frenetic sequel to 2009’s Beat the Reaper… Bazell expertly blends action, farce, and political satire, and his wide-ranging imagination bodes well for the future of the series.”

“The book is composed in Bazell’s propulsive, profanity-laden style, peppering startling violence with detailed footnotes that cover subjects like tooth reinsertions and human cryogenic… A funny, unexpected journey for our hero that sets up the next installment with finesse.”

“Is this novel better than Bazell’s debut? It’s as good as and more. In addition to the mayhem and madness of the original, there’s an element of ecoconsciousness and political satire (the long-delayed appearance of the government official is worth the purchase price) that will leave readers wanting still more. Bazell makes being smart sexy and footnotes fun.”

Wild Thing is a rapid paced adventure teetering on the absurd while being laugh out loud funny… Readers had best set aside a long stretch of reading time as they will not want to set this book aside until the end.’

“These are hard-boiled thrillers, written in one of the most distinctively entertaining new fictional voices I’ve run across in years, in any genre… Reading [Bazell] is like being able to monopolize the attention of the most interesting person at a party…  It’s so rare that you see a really brilliant writer who is committed, 100%, in every sentence, to giving you a good time. Bazell is, and he does.”

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